Student Wellness Services

Healthy Campus Coalition


The Healthy Campus Coalition (HCC) is an initiative led by the Division of Student Life that takes a campus-wide approach to creating a university environment that supports the health, wellness, and safety of its members through awareness, education, policies, practices, and services. The goals, actions, and outcomes of the HCC will be evidence driven and based upon sound assessment tools.


The Healthy Campus Coalition (HCC) is an outgrowth of two previous groups. In 2008, a campus-wide task force was formed by the Vice President for Student Affairs to assess the campus environment relative to alcohol use and high-risk drinking. The group produced a set of recommendations that guided work that followed. Among the recommendations was the formation of a standing Alcohol Advisory Committee. The committee was formed under the leadership of the Director of Counseling Services and functioned from 2009 to 2011.

Following the successful development of a comprehensive campus alcohol policy, the Director of University Health Services proposed the replacement of the Alcohol Advisory Committee with a coalition of campus members that could address the full spectrum of health education needs. This was endorsed by the Vice President for Student Affairs and the process of forming the HCC began in fall 2012. Its formation coincided with the University’s commitment to support the Cedar Falls Blue Zones Project which had similar goals and so the HCC serves also as a point of connection to the Blue Zones Project.


Though primarily focused on student health, the HCC also includes representation from Human Resources (UNI Employee Well-being) and the Cedar Falls Blue Zones Project to address topics and issues that span the needs of faculty and staff as well.


The HCC consists of individuals representing groups or departments which have a unique opportunity to assess and understand the needs, concerns, and interests of UNI’s diverse populations and to positively influence their health and well being. In addition, the designated representatives may bring a student representative to HCC meetings and activities.

  • Department of Residence (Dining): Lisa Smith
  • UNI Local Food Program: Paul Mccormick and Sarah Steinmeyer   
  • Dean of Students Office: Jayda Baumhover 
  • Intercollegiate Athletics: Andrea Greve Coello 
  • Student Health Clinic/Student Wellness Services: Angela Meeter
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Social Justice: Kalyani Kunnan
  • Student Wellness Services: Shawna Jesse 
  • Student Wellness Services: Sydney Thelen 
  • Student Health Clinic/Student Wellness Services: Katie Currier 
  • Counseling Center: Ana Maria Juarez Morales 
  • Psychiatric Services (Student Health Clinic): Cathryn Baumgartner
  • Pathways Behavioral Health Services: Griffin Hickey 
  • Office of Compliance & Equity Management: Kaylee Michelson