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Wellness Coaching

Check out Wellness Coaching for Individualized Support!

Wellness Coaching is an engaging, strategic way for you to achieve academic and personal success as a student at UNI.

Many students are gaining greater self-awareness and self-knowledge through learning about VIA Character Strengths and having a coach serve as a confidential sounding  board to help them make progress on their goals. This service is of no cost beyond the Mandatory Health Fee! Wellness Coaching is available for all students through an easy sign-up! Follow the process outlined in the graphic below to get started with your first session. Sign-up today

 Wellness Coaching Process

This past year, 100% of students were able to set a goal related to one or more of their 8 Dimensions of Wellness by the end of their first or second session. Check out the top reasons to join Wellness Coaching!

Top Reasons students sign-up for Wellness Coaching

Here’s what students are saying about the program....
Wellness coaching was a good way to ground myself and make me feel a bit more in control. Having a coach to encourage me every week gave me the motivation I needed to take those next steps to reach my ultimate goal. I enjoyed the approach that addressed how to use my strengths to attain my goals. It made the overall process realistic and enjoyable!
It was super helpful to have someone to discuss my goals with out loud and hold me accountable. It made me feel more motivated to actually take the steps to start working toward those goals. Wellness coaching helped me find a sense of direction. I found it helpful to have someone there to encourage me throughout my journey of becoming more mindful and living a more fulfilling life.