Student Wellness Services

Program Descriptions

Balancing Your Wheel to Wellness (50 min.) 

This is a personal assessment about your 8 Dimensions of Wellness as a current college student. During this session, you will discover how you are practicing social, physical, spiritual, emotional, occupational, environmental, financial, and physical wellness. Participants will set a goal related to dimension(s) they wish to improve. On-campus resources will be provided.  

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Group Wellness Coaching (50 min., 1-2 sessions)

Are you part of a student organization, class, or leadership team that would benefit from growing together? Look no further! Groups can request either one or two 50 min. sessions. During the first session of Group Wellness Coaching, participants will grow in their understanding of one another and themselves through discussing their personal character strengths and setting strategic wellness goals. During the second session, participants will discuss development of character strengths since the first session and learn basic coaching and motivational interviewing skills to use in their own lives. Students will have the opportunity to practice coaching their peers as a means to support them with their wellness goal. Group Wellness Coaching is ideal for groups of 8-40 people. Fill out a program request form to start discussing options for your group! *The prerequisite for Group Wellness Coaching is prior participation in the Balancing Your Wheel to Wellness program. 

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Introduction to Wellness Coaching Presentation (30-45 min.)

Wellness Coaching is a way for students to create the life they want by exploring their strengths and focusing on their health and well-being. Through the process of coaching, students may increase self-awareness and self-efficacy, achieve goals, and have an increased sense of life satisfaction, purpose and meaning. Students may see personal growth in areas such as stress management, eating well, physical activity, sleep, financial management, relationships, and other wellness areas. The presentation will give an overview of wellness coaching and how a student can get connected to this free service.

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Coping with Stress (50-60 min.)

This interactive session will assist participants in identifying the symptoms and causes of stress in their lives. Participants will also learn how to use stressful situations as an opportunity for growth and become aware of healthy coping strategies that may be helpful in reducing their stress. On-campus resources will be provided.      

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Exploring Relaxation (50-60 min.) 

Participants will be introduced to four relaxation and mind-body coping techniques (deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, self-compassion, and gratitude) as a means to expand their healthy coping skills for stress management. Demonstration and practice time will be provided for each of the exercises/practices to increase awareness and confidence of healthy coping and relaxation skills.

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Sleep to Be Your Best! (50-60 min.)

When tests, projects, and papers are upon us, we always think we can give up sleep “for awhile.”  Yet, most of us live in a constant state of sleep deprivation, not realizing what a profound negative impact it has on our lives. Getting enough sleep is vital for our health and overall quality of life. Participants in this session will learn the importance of sleep and tips for good sleep habits.

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Condom Sense (50-60 min.)

While using a condom may seem like common sense, it is essential that you have the information needed to ensure you are using a condom correctly and consistently. Beside abstinence, condoms are the only birth control method that help to protect against both sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, if used correctly. During this fun, interactive session, participants will learn the benefits of using a condom, the steps to putting on a condom, an overview of other safer sex barrier methods, and sexual health resources.   

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Facts on Tap Alcohol Education (50-60 min.)

This session is designed to assist participants in making informed choices about consuming alcohol and reducing harm. Through a variety of activities and discussion, participants will:

  • identify what one standard drink equals for beer, wine, and hard liquor 

  • identify the recommended BAC (blood alcohol concentration) to stay at or below in order to stay in the "sweet spot" if consuming alcohol

  • describe one or more benefits of staying in your “sweet spot” zone if consuming alcohol

  • list one or more protective behavioral strategies that can be used to prevent alcohol poisoning/overdose or other not so good things

  • identify at least two signs of alcohol overdosing/poisoning

  • demonstrate the proper steps of the recovery position 

  • recognize that the majority of UNI students consumed 4 or fewer drinks the last time they drank alcohol in a social setting

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Red Watch Band Training (90 min.)

The Red Watch Band training symbolizes that the UNI community bands together to watch out for one another when every second counts. This training provides students with knowledge and skills necessary to identify and intervene effectively in an alcohol-related medical emergency.  

Through a variety of interactive activities and discussion, participants will:

  • understand the dangers of alcohol use and know when, where and how to get help 

  • identify protective behavioral strategies that can be used to prevent alcohol poisoning/overdose or other not so good things

  • identify the recommended BAC (blood alcohol concentration) to stay at or below in order to stay in the "sweet spot" if consuming alcohol

  • understand what can happen at different levels of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) 

  • identify the signs of alcohol poisoning/overdose 

  • demonstrate the proper steps of the recovery position 

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Intuitive Eating Video Program (50-60 min.)

Intuitive Eating is an approach that teaches you how to create a healthy relationship with your food, mind, and body. Learn the ten principles of intuitive eating through watching a series of five videos and participating in interactive activities. This program is designed to be facilitated by the individual requesting the program. Once a program request is submitted, an SWS staff person will provide the requestor with the program outline, videos, and handouts.

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