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Student Wellness Services

Presentation Descriptions

Introduction to Wellness Coaching Program (30-45 min)

Wellness Coaching is a way for students to create the life they want by exploring their strengths and focusing on their health and well-being. Through the process of coaching, students may increase self-awareness and self-efficacy, achieve goals, and have an increased sense of life satisfaction, purpose and meaning. Students may see personal growth in areas such as stress management, eating well, physical activity, sleep, financial management, relationships, and other wellness areas.The presentation will give an overview of wellness coaching and how a student can get connected to this free service.

Intuitive Eating Introductory Presentation (30-60 min.)

Intuitive Eating is an approach that teaches you how to create a healthy relationship with your food, mind, and body--where you ultimately become the expert of your own body. You learn how to distinguish between physical and emotional feelings, and gain a sense of body wisdom. Intuitive Eating is rooted in 10 basic principles that invite you to a world of satisfying eating and a sense of freedom from food worry.  

Participants in this presentation will be able to identify the principles of intuitive eating as well as locate supportive resources for those who desire support regarding their eating.  

Body Image & Beyond (30-60 min.)

This presentation will discuss body image, what it is, factors that influence it and ways to improve it. People with a negative body image have a greater likelihood of developing an eating disorder and are more likely to struggle with feelings of depression, isolation, low self-esteem, and obsessions with weight loss. Participants will be able to identify ways they can improve their body image and contribute to a culture that promotes a positive body image.  

Discover the Dimensions of Wellness (30-60 Minutes)

HAVE A TURN AT THE WELLNESS WHEEL! An interactive, fun, educational presentation regarding the 8 dimensions of wellness (social, emotional, financial, environmental, occupational, intellectual, physical, and spiritual). Participants will be able to identify on-campus resources to assist them along their wellness journey.     

Quality of Life and Goal Setting (30-60 min.)  

This is a personal assessment about your quality of life as a current college student. During this session, you will rank your degree of satisfaction in the following areas of your life: academics, money, health, friends/family, romance, personal, fun/recreation, and physical environment. Participants will set goals related to areas they wish to improve. On-campus resources will be provided.  

Coping with Stress (45-60 Minutes)

This interactive session will assist participants in identifying the causes and symptoms of stress in their lives. Participants will become aware of a variety of positive coping strategies that may be helpful in reducing their stress and have an opportunity to practice.  

Walking Meditation on the Labyrinth (60 Minutes Depending on Group Size)

At first glance, the labyrinth looks like a maze, yet it is very different.  The labyrinth is a path that one walks and is a tool used for reflection, centering, meditation, stress reduction or just slowing down to focus on what is most important. This particular labyrinth is a portable 36 ft x 36 ft piece of canvas, and can be brought to a location convenient for your group.  

Sleep to Be Your Best! (30-45 min.)

When tests, projects, and papers are upon us, we always think we can give up sleep “for awhile.”  Yet, most of us live in a constant state of sleep deprivation, not realizing what a profound negative impact it has on our lives. Getting enough sleep is vital for our health and overall quality of life. Participants in this session will learn the importance of sleep and tips for good sleep habits.

Condom Sense (45-60 min.)

While using a condom may seem like common sense, it is essential that you have the information needed to ensure you are using a condom correctly and consistently. Condoms are the only birth control method that protect against both sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, if used correctly. During this fun, interactive session, participants will learn the benefits of using a condom, do’s and don’ts of condom use, the steps to putting on a condom, and sexual health resources.  

Contraceptives 101 (45-60 min.)

This interactive session explores the variety of contraception methods available for pregnancy prevention. Educational models will be utilized to educate participants on the effectiveness, instructions on use, and potential side effects of various methods. Participants will also become aware of sexual health resources.  

Red Light / Green Light (45-60 min.)  

This session provides participants with a safe space to engage in an open discussion regarding sexual behaviors, sexually transmitted infections, and sexuality. Through an interactive activity, participants will learn more about the risk associated with different sexual behaviors and how to make informed sexual health decisions. Participants will also become aware of sexual health resources.  

Facts on Tap (45-60 min.)

This session is designed to assist participants in making informed choices about consuming alcohol. Through a variety of activities and discussion, participants will be able to identify:  

  • what one standard drink equals

  • what can happen at different levels of blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

  • strategies to prevent alcohol overdose

  • ways to turn down or refuse a drink

  • signs of alcohol overdose

  • how to put someone in the recovery position if noticed they had signs of alcohol overdose

Healthy Relationships (60 min.)

This interactive session will assist participants in understanding components of a healthy relationship. Participants will recognize types of respect and types of abuse, articulate safety components for online dating and identify resources for more information or for help.